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Park Electric offers four models for vertical parking and charging Electric Vehicles

PE-SED8 – For sedan vehicles with 8 parking bays
PE-SED16 – For sedan vehicles with 16 parking bays
PE-SUV8 – For SUV & sedan vehicles with 8 parking bays
PE-SUV16 – For SUV & sedan vehicles with 16 parking bays

BESPOKE – Rotary parking systems can be designed to client’s requirements with variable vehicle size e.g. van, farm & plant vehicles etc and capacity can be adapted with a minimum of 4 bays to a maximum of 20. Greater than 20 requires multiple stackers.

– Various cladding for full or part housing
– Use of the i-parking app
– Advertising – video or banner
– Renewable energy provision.

Space Saving

Conventional parking requires standardised parking stances with legislated manoeuvring spaces between rows to enable safe and effective access.

Multiple storey parking structures require space for ramps and circulation roadways, in addition to stairs and lifts, along with ventilation and fire protection to provide a safe environment for vehicle users and maintenance staff.

Our patented machinery design can be built as a stand-alone structure, or be incorporated into new or existing buildings. It is fully-automated and needs only limited maintenance that is included in the contract and guarantee.

Vehicles are stored safely and securely on their individual platforms for any period of time required, and can be retrieved on demand., with or without specialised attendance personnel to assist.

Recharge as you park

Led by Government incentives, an increasing percentage of vehicles on the road are using electric power. There are number of types of battery, connectors and charging regimes available across different manufacturers and countries, and it is the industry expectation that these matters will become more standardised in time as the industry matures.

In the meantime, Park Electric provides a flexible array of connection facilities to enable charging of vehicles on each storage platform, and is refining designs for induction charging for future development.

Charging regimes also vary according to the type of use and journey length, and Park Electric provides cost-effective facilities that can offer economic alternatives to overnight home-charging with the flexibility of short term top-ups for unexpected usage.

Latest Technology

All steel and aluminium structural parts for the installation are prefabricated in our factory using the latest precision CNC cutting and welding equipment and finished with protective coatings to International Industry standards.

Driveline components are precision-cut to accurate tolerances to ensure smooth operation and durable longevity with minimal maintenance.

While the machinery operates with simple sequences, the electronic operation and management software is developed using the latest techniques and components.

German Engineering

All components are either manufactured in Germany or specified and inspected to ensure compliance with latest German industry standards and manufacturing processes.

The drivetrain has been thoroughly tested and proven to high standards of reliability and accurate repetition of positional movement. The machinery operates with the minimum of noise or other environmental disturbance including the primary Siemens motor that runs at only 60dB(A).

Rapid Construction

Depending on the exact type of installation circumstances, a multi-tier machinery installation can be delivered and erected in 4 days and commissioned for use within 7 days.

A full specification will be supplied in advance to ensure the site can be accurately prepared.

10 Year Guarantee

Park Electric offers a 10 year guarantee on all installations, subject to our standard maintenance contract to ensure regular inspections.


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