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Park Electric provides economic, compact and attractive parking solutions that embrace efficient charging of electric vehicles.

Roadside charging is in many cases impractical, disruptive and expensive using large areas for a nominal number of charging points. Accommodating the vast no. of required charging points in the UK is challenging and the roll out programme very slow, however Park Electric provides the solution.

Our Rotary parking systems are not a new concept but with latest technology allowing automotive operation and energy efficiency alongside being environmentally friendly with low cost structures incorporating electric charging, our space saving models are perfect for today’s world and the electric vehicle revolution underway.

The systems offered by Park Electric can be clad to fit into an existing street scene, the facades can be adapted to match developments or covered in living walls for an extra environmentally positive impact to fit into rural areas. Additional benefits include no tight parking, no difficulty getting in and out, no paint damage or dents from door openings, secure parking and protection from theft.

Typical locations that would benefit from Park Electric systems

Existing car parks in train stations or transport hubs including airports, particularly for long-stay parking as well as office HQ’s and business parks.The systems also work well in retail parks, superstores, sports stadiums and recreation grounds. Rotary parking offers all of these locations the opportunity to add more parking bays for greater capacity, provide electric charging, create more revenue and free up land for more valuable development or to keep existing revenue. Rotary parking can be used for non-electric vehicles as well to increase parking capacity.

Find out more about the Benefits of Rotary Parking Systems

The advantages of vertical parking from Park Electric

Space Saving

A complete, independent parking garage for a maximum of 16 vehicles that fit in just two regular parking spaces.

Recharge as you park

Each parking space has an independent charging station, allowing for electrical vehicles to be charged whilst parked.

Latest Technology

Parking ticket and payment can be controlled via an app on any mobile device.

Health and Safety

Park Electric meet all European and UK standards.

German Engineering

Driven by a quiet Siemens motor. At just 60 dB (A), the noise level is equivalent to a conversation conducted at normal volume.

Rapid Construction

The parking garage will be ready in a week. Set up generally takes five days + two days for trial and approval.

10 Year Guarantee

Park Electric vertical parking garages come with a 10 Year guarantee as standard.

Planning Applications

Full property appraisal and planning application service

Innovation paired with future oriented know how
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FAQs Park Electric

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Park Electric car park will be complete and operational in 5 days!

We offer a range of cladding for the systems from mirrored to steel to living walls which can become an attractive feature in the community and can be low maintenance. We can discuss the location the system is going into and look at existing buildings to see how we can match the parking system.

Park Electric can offer a variety of selling options including; Direct sale with license fee and service contract. Providing fully or partly funded options in return for profit share. Asset transfer available on term deals. Finance packages available

Park Electric will supply a parking app & general operational software, we can also assist offer a free feasibility study including financial projections re revenue / return.
Assist with grant funding where applicable. We can also offer a management package – back office, annual maintenance, insurance, installation/hardware warranties.

  • Zero energy cost options: Park Electric are developing self sufficient energy packages for our stand alone rotary parking structures.
  • CO2 emissions reduced by avoiding lengthy searches for parking spaces.
  • Preservation of green fields – 80% reduction in surface area needed for same number of parking spaces.
  • Making parking for electric cars more convenient and accessible helps make the conversion of car buyers to electric more attractive.
  • Urban areas are running out of green space we would like to see surface car parks put back to green open space, parks or leisure, without the loss of parking spaces.

Yes, due to our vertical car parks being temporary structures they can be moved, this also offers planning benefit and site tenure flexibility. Most importantly your asset is maintained if a business relocation is needed.

We can do joint ventures with local authorities or trusts to put the systems onto their land. We can also work with you to seek grants and government funding to support electric parking solutions in your communities.

Bespoke Flexible and stylish cladding options to house any stacker are available to make it visually harmonious with surroundings, unique in appearance, even spectacular if desired.


  • Expensive building land can be freed up by reducing surface parking areas.
  • Advertising: We have designed display screens that can be integrated into the cladding to provide both quality branding and own business advertising plus additional revenue from third party advertisers.
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